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Optimise vehicle port traffic flow and increase throughput with TrafficFlow

From full scale end-to-end traffic management platforms for ports to smart enabling existing infrastructure hubs, we offer a broad range of transport infrastructure solutions that help increase the throughput and take care of traffic flow and congestion.

Our primary product in the transport infrastructure space is TrafficFlow, a port-focused traffic management system that coordinates heavy traffic flow environments where space is at a premium and managing dispatch is critical. This targeted solution has been proven to reduce waiting times by 70%.

At the Port of Senegal, Dakar, adopting TrafficFlow realised the following efficiency improvements in 2021 alone:

  • 20% increase in road infrastructure capacity
  • 70% reduction in vehicle and ship waiting times

Our system managed over 1.1 million appointments in 2021 at the Port Authority of Dakar, a substantial increase on previous years before our involvement.

On the 25th January 2022 the port achieved a peak daily value of 2,681 with an average wait time of 1h55 from holding area entry to port entry. Previously, the wait period was often in excess of 24 hours.

Sremium worked hand in hand with AGS and the Port Authority of Dakar from the early planning phases to deliver:

  • A truck holding facility to coordinate vehicles for port access
  • A bespoke traffic flow and holding area management platform
  • Automated vehicle identification systems
  • Integrated payment and account management
  • Project management services

Continued streamlining of processes has allowed us to increase the capacity and continue to reduce overall waiting times.

Jim Moore​

“If your organisation would like to benefit from the advances we have made in vehicle port traffic management please get in touch today. We will arrange a personalised demonstration of our platform at your convenience.”

CEO, Sremium Group

Optimise port vehicle traffic management with TrafficFlow

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