An innovative digital collection suite

PayBrix is an innovative collection suite designed to streamline the process of collecting recurring payments for subscription based business models.

PayBrix makes payment collection easy for both you and your clients by providing simple but effective and highly customisable SMS and email templates with swift “click-to-pay” options. Receiving online payments has never been easier!

Key Product Features:

  • Cloud-based solution – no local software needed.
  • No time consuming and costly IT implementation.
  • Ease of use -clients can pay from anywhere using any connected device.
  • Easy integrations with all payment gateways.


  • Endless enhancement and customisation opportunities.
  • An intuitive dashboard provides useful business intelligence and real-time insights.
  • Call centre support.

PayBrix replaces costly labour intensive manual process with a digital solution that makes payment collections faster and cheaper. It simplifies the subscription process by increasing productivity and reducing transaction costs. We process millions of euro every year in recurring payments for our clients in the insurance, automotive, and banking sectors.

PayBrix offers real-time visibility of your payment collections by using up to date intelligent reporting. The system also provides insights into the most effective payment periods for your business.

PayBrix is a white label solution, tailored and branded to meet your specific business needs.

Unique Features

  • A proven track record of scalability and customisation

  • Ability to take large one-off transactions, single micropayments, recurring monthly and annual payments

  • Automated invoicing

  • Use any type of card (Visa, MasterCard, etc), anywhere in the world

  • 24/7 support

  • A reliable and secure platform you can depend on

  • A robust API that is simple to integrate onto any website or serviceTech support to build our solutions into your website and product

  • Essential international reach

  • Fraud prevention and reduction practices to protect your money

  • Lower transaction fees

Benefits for Your Business 

  • Hosted in the cloud-all reminders and payment services are accessible online.
  • Enables a structured payment process with date driven messages. Creates urgency.
  • Automated cleanup. It sweeps up after itself once subscriptions are paid and update the data flow.
  • Communication can be done out of usual working hours, so customers will be more likely to pay.
  • Cost effective. PayBrix is a less costly alternative to phone calls.
  • Staff can be freed up from the manual process and be redeployed into more value add areas.

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