What is TrafficFlow?

A vehicle and facility software management solution

Specifically designed to coordinate heavy traffic flow business activities

Cloud based platform that integrates with connected traffic control devices

Key Features

Traffic Flow Management

  • Online booking engine
  • Automated traffic flow control
  • Integrated scheduling / logical dispatch
  • Automated entry/exit via ANPR and automated communication 


  • Integrates with multiple payment processers
  • Account management with user front end
  • Point of sale system
  • Automated tax compliant invoicing and usage statements

Control & Visibility

Allows different stakeholders to participate in planning and control processes.

  • Real time information
  • Co-approval processes
  • Historic Reporting

The Client

AGS Parking and the Port Authority of Dakar

Location: Dakar, Senegal

Sremium worked hand in hand with AGS and the Port Authority of Dakar, Senegal to deliver:

  • Design of a HGV holding facility to coordinate vehicles for port access
  • Bespoke traffic flow and holding area management platform
  • Automated vehicle identification systems
  • Integrated payment and account management
  • Project Management

Project Timeline

  • Sremium engaged Q4 2018
  • Vehicles waited often for days to gain access to the port. The port had reached a hard limitation to growth
  • Vessels were being rerouted to ports in neighbouring countries with capacity
  • First trials 04/19
  • Go live 11/19

The Challenge

When Sremium embarked on this project, it encountered several challenging scenarios:

1. Trucks forming long queues at the port entry, sometimes extending up to three trucks deep and remaining stagnant for days.

2. Lack of communication between transport companies and destinations within the port, resulting in a first-come, first-served approach.

3. Frequent mechanical breakdowns and delays in customs procedures, leading to extended waiting times for drivers or loss of their position in the queue.

4. Inefficient coordination causing a bottleneck in port capacity, disrupting traffic flow in neighboring residential areas, and diminishing property values.

5. Poor internal port procedures coordination, exacerbating inefficiencies in resource planning and allocation, including:

  • Absence of a digital schedule for vessel arrivals and pier assignments.
  • Lack of digitized requirements for incoming vessels (e.g., water, fuel, cargo type).
    Inadequate estimation of vessel stays.
  • Insufficient daily progress updates for vessels within the port.

The Solution


  • Initial Market Research
  • Stakeholder interview
  • Competitor analysis


  • Information architecture
  • User persona
  • Customer Journey Map


  • UI kit
  • Wireframes
  • Prototypes


  • Clickable Prototype
  • Usability Testing
  • Development Support

Our client AGS Parking in partnership with the Port Authority of Dakar was tasked with  providing a holding area for trucks before entering the port, with the capacity to manage  approx. three hours’ worth of peak traffic for the port. Telclic in coordination began the task  of providing a smart solution to the congestion and efficient usage of the holding area that  was to be provided.

In association with the Port Authority of Dakar and AGS Parking we have developed a  completely bespoke solution that integrates port operators, transporter companies, port  authorities and AGS Parking. This system provides an end-to-end booking, billing and traffic management system for all commercial and staff vehicles entering and exiting the port area.

Sremium is the primary technology (both hardware and software) partner for this project  which included:

  • The construction of a 50,000m2 parking facility.
  • Installation of automated vehicle processing for entry and exit of all areas via optical recognition systems.
  • The design and implementation of all tools and applications used within the business for payments, points of sale, accounting, reporting and traffic flow management • Ongoing consultation and advisory supports for resource planning and allocation, operational procedures and data analytics

The technical specification of the project set the requirement for a modular platform with a  broad feature set that is fully customisable and adaptable to the current and future needs of  the Port, allowing for new locations and additional billable services to be added as required.

Other supports we have provided include specifying and managing the purchasing of all IT  related assets including installation and ongoing maintenance. Sremium also provided  consultation services from the inception of the project on the physical layout and  construction of the parking facilities, traffic flow decisions, process and workflow design as  well as staffing decisions.

This software service is co-located between physical onsite servers which we specified,  purchased, configured and installed on behalf of the client as well as in secure European  data centres. Providing failover redundancy and unwavering uptime security is critical to  the ongoing success of this 24/7/365 project.

The advantages to the client

The outcome

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