Nationwide Controlled Parking Systems (NCPS) and ParkByText (PBT)

The Client

Our client Nationwide Controlled Parking Systems (NCPS) is one of the largest parking operators in the Republic of Ireland, employing some 130 personnel and providing services to both the private and public sector. At the last count, NCPS had over 1,100 sites under management with 100,000+ parking spaces.

The Challenge

NCPS, together with ParkByText, engaged with our services at our partner company Telclic as they had identified the need to move from traditional manual parking control procedures and facility management practices, to a more advanced automated and software assisted solution for both office staff and for end users of the system.

NCPS required a system that could process thousands of user requests on a daily basis, backed up by a full management suite for administrators.

Customer Resolution Service

From the outset of this project we provided an end-to-end service, from the provisioning of the non-geographic low call telephone numbers, IVR system with complex routing and automations such as automated booking and secure card payments, through to telephone platforms and support systems. This project covers all aspects of customer contact for the client from sign-up to end of life, we service support channels including; phone, email, webchat and social contacts. Queries we receive range from general account queries, billing and payment calls, dispute resolution to technical queries relating to the service operation. These services are offered 365 days per year from 7am – 7pm and have throughout the life of the project covered geographic locations in the USA, UK and both North of, and Republic of Ireland.

Throughout this project we contributed to the ongoing development of customer support structures championing the introduction of multiple solutions;

  • More advanced email technologies to improve handling rates and data integrity
  • Online live chat facilities
  • Improvements in online knowledge bases and customer resources
  • Contributed to internal reviews and studies on the quality of information being presented via the website and social media platforms

We operate strict internal quality procedures as standard for all clients and these are the bedrock of our service delivery. Regular scheduled call monitoring (internally and with the client), quality scoring, review and feedback is undertaken on a weekly and monthly basis for all agents. One-to-one training with coaches, team leaders and subject matter experts are provided as well as in class training for all projects. We constantly strive to meet and exceed all KPI’s and drive high rates of first contact resolution for our clients. Quality of service is the core strength that we offer to each of our clients.

Back Office Administration & Fulfilment Service

Telclic Limited has been instrumental to the smooth operation of the services offered by our partner. We have supported a number of back office and fulfilment services over four years of operation together. We have adapted as and when it was required in order to ensure the smooth operations through changing business requirements whilst maintaining high levels of quality and customer satisfaction.

The services we undertake include;

  • Refund processing, both electronic and issuance of cheque refunds
  • Accounts administration and maintenance;
    • Closure of dormant accounts
    • Faults resolution
    • Data integrity checking
    • Issuance of credit
    • Records management
    • Data compliance
  • Report generation for weekly, monthly and ad hoc requirements
  • Coordination and monitoring of the customer satisfaction surveyance
  • Processing physical and digital documentations generated during each parking enforcement instance
  • Processing and responding to written complaints
  • Automated payment processing – we developed an interactive automated platform that allows customers to make payments securely over the phone and through physical automated point of sale systems. These services and data are managed on our systems and are fully compliant to all regulatory and payment industry standard requirements.

Processing onboarding requests for new clients and locations on behalf of NCPS, which includes software system updates for the CRM and automated systems.

Our teams participate in regular meetings on a weekly and monthly basis with stakeholders in order to present data driven service updates and supply feedback from customers and inhouse staff about the operation of the overall services on offer. Our management and support teams work on an ongoing basis to proactively identify and resolve new issues as they arise and may involve custom report generation, data exports from telephony and CRM data.

Ticket management for issues relating not directly driven by customer interactions, such as system fault reporting and processing and feedback and requests that may come from location providers.

Document and Records Management Services

As the primary support services and technology partner involved in this project we manage and maintain a broad set of documents and data for each client through each interaction touchpoint for the life of the customer journey. Data must be maintained, monitored and stored appropriately in line with legal and regulatory requirements. This data can include:

  • Payment information
  • Transaction histories
  • Geo location data
  • Personal information – e.g. Name, Address, Phone, Email
  • CRM records
  • Call recordings
  • Chat logs
  • Usage data

We support the processing, storage and digitisation of many records which can be generated by more traditional means such as:

  • Employees on location generating:
    • Written records
    • Incident reports
    • Photographs
  • Physical Media paper records from:
    • Local Councils
    • Authorities
    • Location Owners
    • End users

All records typically contain some level of sensitive data and must be managed as such. As primary provider having designed, built, hosted and maintained the majority of systems relating to this project it is our responsibility to ensure all contractual obligations are fulfilled while also ensuring that compliances including industry card payment record management and security standards as well as GDPR regulations are adhered to in the ongoing performance of our operations of these systems.

Additional Services including Project Delivery

We have supplied our partner with a broad range of add-on services as required in order to fulfill the needs and obligations of our client.

A prime example of where we have delivered on a new project as an additional service was the inclusion of the Irish Rail and Luas parking locations into the system. Typically, the locations we serviced have no physical on site hardware or point of sale systems, all transactions and customer accounts are held online and are accessible via SMS, internet and app services.

When our client advised that we would be working with these locations we needed to adapt the service offering from a technology standpoint in order to integrate the usage of the physical on-site point of sale systems and align our systems with the capacities of the existing infrastructure. This also required that our support teams now monitor and maintain these systems as part of our own payments and processing platforms.

Our role in transitioning our client to being fully GDPR compliant was paramount, in our role we not only had to ensure that all the supports, technologies and systems we used to service this agreement were fully in line with regulations, we supported from a project management role the implementation, adoption and documentation of the GDPR complaint procedures and practises.

We have expanded the client’s toolset for interacting with end users through championing the adoption of new communication mediums such as social and chat services, whilst also expanding on some of the more traditional communication mediums such as email newsletters and customer notifications which we now operate fully on behalf of the client.

We have also designed and built many applications now in use by our client’s front-line staff in the performance of their daily duties with the aim to reduce the quantity of paper records that are generated in carrying out their roles.

Value to the End Client

We have demonstrated our capabilities working with public projects in the Republic of Ireland and delivering on them satisfactorily, safely and securely over extended periods of time.

This is also comparable to the project from several dimensions:

  • This project demonstrates our competency and capability to manage large volumes of customers, with varying needs and requirements, automated communication strategies and flexible payment capabilities, including recurring part payments.
  • Our call centre people are trained to deal with a variety of situations the public may come up against, whether that be in terms of general queries or emergencies where time is important and the caller may be in distress. Our agents are trained to communicate information in an effective manner across a variety of situations.
  • We have shown to be able to filter calls based on their nature and ensure they reach the right person as quickly as possible – an emergency call regarding a staff member in danger is different from a general inquiry from a member of the public and our systems are capable of identifying both in an efficient manner.
  • Our use of IVR, where appropriate, allows us to more efficiently filter certain types of calls. It also allows us to roll out automated messages in case of a large-scale emergency where there is a significant volume of people contacting the call centre looking for the same information.
  • Our call centre people are trained to deal with a variety of situations the public may come up against, whether that be in terms of general queries or emergencies where time is important and the caller may be in distress. Our agents are trained to communicate information in an effective manner across a variety of situations.
  • Our work on the website and customer app also illustrates our knowledge of user experiences and customer journeys.
  • It demonstrates our competency in dealing with emergency call lines and handling of various emergency events.
  • Our work on Parking Operations Administration and Management (POAM) systems shows our ability to design and deliver a powerful management software solution catered for thousands of users on a daily basis.

Our knowledge and ability to deliver on automated secure payments via app, web, IVR and SMS systems and also any other payment methods available will greatly enhance Irish Rail current payment methods.

This project demonstrates our ability to meet a broad range of project requirements and deliver on them on a public scale without compromising on the quality of service that our clients enjoy.