Payment Technologies

Sremium is a market leader in the provision of payment services to clients across the globe.  We are at the forefront of modern payment technologies.

Through our bespoke solutions we enable businesses to transact payments quickly and efficiently. We work with traditional brick and mortar businesses and cutting-edge high tech startups to facilite their financial requirements. Our offerings range from physical EPOS products (including the latest innovations such as Apple Pay and other contactless payment technology options) to online credit and debit card processing and more.

We work with payment processors on every continent on the planet and proudly process thousands of concurrent transactions in a seamless fashion, every minute of every day.

We offer two unique products in the payments space: All Points Payments and PayBrix.

All Points Payments is a technology company that have been offering payment solutions since 2008. We bridge the gap between businesses and merchant banks and can enable you to process payments effectively, efficiently and internationally.

Our customers choose us because they can trust our payment intelligence, products, technology and know that we endeavor to provide them with the best gateway and acquiring rates by brokering with a number of banks on their behalf.

PayBrix is an innovative collection suite designed to streamline the process of collecting recurring payments for subscription based business models.

PayBrix makes payment collection easy for both you and your clients by providing simple but effective and highly customisable SMS and email templates with swift “click-to-pay” options. Receiving online payments has never been easier.

We process global payments efficiently and smoothly

An innovative collection suite that streamlines collecting recurring payments for subscription based business models

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